Montag, 21. März 2016

Arosa, Switzerland

Back in February, me and my boyfriend visited the beautiful skiing resort Arosa. Arosa is located in the north of Switzerland and a well-known tourist resort in winter as well as in summer. For me, it was the first time to ever be in a skiing area and non-surprisingly, I got very excited about it.
As the trip lasted only for three days, it didn't make sense for me to try out my skiing skills, so I just made some beautiful walks and watched the others having fun skiing down the piste at a high speed. 
Let the hills bring peace.
After a long and hilly walk on Saturday, we finally made it to the restaurant "Alpenblick" whose cozy atmosphere was just right for us being super exhausted. We had a delicious lunch and afterwards went back home to have an afternoon nap.
I really enjoyed being in the alps for the first time and understanding the fascination for skiing that all my friends have. It was also the first time traveling to Switzerland for me and I'm happy to have made this wonderful experience.

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